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Porto Maltese: Very expensive, but always good

Porto Maltese: Very expensive, but always good

serokisa 37 contributions
Moscow, Russia
Aug 1, 2010

Hello from a native Moscovite. In general, I hate Moscow restaurants for being built as high-margin places, not necessarily oriented on offering food... Enough of this, let's look at Porto Maltese. Indeed run by Serbians for many years, they have several locations in Moscow. Thanks God, for representation purposes (with a client, so my company paid the bill). Having lunch with a bottle of wine from the middle of the list and digestif will cost you at least 200 Euro for two. The main "problem" is charging fish per 100 grams - and be sure that Venice seems cheap after it! The service is good, meaning subtle and efficient. Waiters are well-trained, which you rarely see in Moscow. SUMMARIZING: go there, but have your company pay the bill. Your customer, however, will NOT be disappointed!




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