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Brotherhood of the Knights of the Vine about Moscow's Porto Maltese

Brotherhood of the Knights of the Vine about Moscow's Porto Maltese Brotherhood of the Knights of the Vine, a non-profit organization created to promote American wines and wine producing regions; writes about Moscow's Porto Maltese:

"Ask a Moscow veteran where to go for the freshest fish in town and they'll direct you to Porto Maltese, the granddaddy of Moscow's seafood restaurants. Squid, crab, lobster, scallops - you'll find them all here. The fish is flown in four times a week; choose your dinner from the iced display window and how you want it done, then sit back and enjoy a bottle from their extensive wine list".

The Brotherhood of the Knights of the Vine was established in 1964 by Norman E. Gates who followed the philosophy of wine brotherhoods by honoring wine, country and mankind. He created our organization to unite those people who produce wine, those who sell it, and those who appreciate it. Mr. Gates, who is now deceased, retired in 1995 at the age of 76. Michael D. Doukas was elected Grand Commander on September 14, 1995, and continues in that position today.

Events include a formal induction ceremony as well as more casual luncheons, dinners, wine tastings and seminars. We have many chapters throughout the country. For those persons who are interested in joining our Brotherhood, please visit our membership page.



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