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Porto Maltese
"Komsomolskaya" subway station.
1a/8 , B. Spasskaya st., Moscow
Phone: +7 495 680-21-18, +7 495 680-24-54

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Porto Maltese
"Belorusskaya" subway station.
21, Pravdy st., Moscow
Tel. +7 495 911-69-59

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Porto Maltese
"Aeroport" subway station
4-th flour, Aeropark Mall, 4, Khodynsky Boulevard, Moscow
Phones: +7 903-281-88-99
+7 499 929-87-24
+7 495 506-21-31

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Porto Maltese
"Slavyansky Boulevard" subway station
4-th flour, Oceania Mall, 57, Koutouzovsky Ave, Moscow
Phone: +7 903 282-16-16, +7 915 183-90-99 (+Viber, +Whats App

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Porto Maltese
"Myakinino" subway station
4-th flour, Vegas Crocus City Mall, 65-66 km. MKAD, Moscow
Phone: +7 495 236-10-15

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PORTO MALTESE is SIMPLY ORIGINAL by appointment of LLC "Personal Concierge"

Moscow Personal Concierge would like to present a new restaurant guide which will be periodically updated with new sections and news about restaurant city life. Moscow is famous for its great restaurant variety however clients are not always satisfied with their choices. Attractive interiors, chefs-innovators with world known names, exotic and ethnic flavors in cuisine and decorations, fresh sushi (and of course poisonous ones too), mad prices, failed expectations and slow waiters - it all paints the perfect picture of Moscow restaurants. Take your time to make the right choice of a restaurant unless you deliberately want to take a risk. Plan your business lunch or a romantic dinner beforehand, find out about your guests' expectations, learn more about a restaurant and its reputation and it will help you to avoid unpleasant surprises and at the end you will also know what you are going to pay for.


There are simple pleasures in Italian village at the Maltese port. The restaurant's idea is democratic and practical: the sea theme is interpreted in the deck of the ship, counter with seafood and impressive aquarium with lobsters. Seafood could be prepared according to your choice: grilled, baked in salt, steamed or fried. If you love fresh fish and quiet surroundings Porto Maltese is an ideal place for tasty and healthy meal. Big reflection mirrors, light colors, fishing nets and wooden furniture creates an atmosphere of a lost island in the center of Moscow.

Bill: $$$$ Service: ****

Address: 8 Bolshaya Spasskaya ul., building 1, Metro station: Komsomolskaya

Tel 7 495 680 2454/680 2118

Address: 21 Pravdy ul., Metro station: Belorusskaya

Tel 7 495 739 82 49/506 21 31\

Address: 3 Varvarka, в здании "Gostinyi Dvor", Metro station: Kitay-gorod

Tel 7 495 298 0755

Address: 11 Leninskiy prospekt, Metro station: Oktyabrskaya

Tel 7 495 236 4512/236 4546

Atmosphere: Democratic prices, home comfort and original interiors. You can sit here with friends and drink wine for hours or have quick and delicious dinner. No declamatory show off, just tasty meal and pleasant atmosphere.

Occasion: Drink or dinner with a girlfriend to exchange the latest gossip, long family lunches, casual dinners with friends. If you don't have certain wishes for a restaurant such a place could be perfect for any occasion like a rendezvous or a business meeting.


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Алан Менкен

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