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Porto Maltese
"Komsomolskaya" subway station.
1a/8 , B. Spasskaya st., Moscow
Phone: +7 495 680-21-18, +7 495 680-24-54

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Porto Maltese
"Belorusskaya" subway station.
21, Pravdy st., Moscow
Tel. +7 495 911-69-59

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Porto Maltese
"Aeroport" subway station
4-th flour, Aeropark Mall, 4, Khodynsky Boulevard, Moscow
Phones: +7 903-281-88-99
+7 499 929-87-24
+7 495 506-21-31

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Porto Maltese
"Slavyansky Boulevard" subway station
4-th flour, Oceania Mall, 57, Koutouzovsky Ave, Moscow
Phone: +7 903 282-16-16, +7 915 183-90-99 (+Viber, +Whats App

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Porto Maltese
"Myakinino" subway station
4-th flour, Vegas Crocus City Mall, 65-66 km. MKAD, Moscow
Phone: +7 495 236-10-15

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Best Moscow restaurants mentioned by Moscow News №44 - 06/11/2008

Porto Maltese

One of the best fish restaurants. There is even no menu - only a listing of fish and the ways it can be prepared. There is also pasta and wine. Almost all the waiters are Serbian.

Dress code: something that doesn't prevent you from eating fish

  • Bolshaya Spasskaya, 8

  • m. Sukharevskaya / 680 2118

    Also mentioned in article other good places:

    Vremena Goda

    This restaurant on the bank of Golitsinsky Pond in Gorky Park overwhelms with the menu choices, location and entertainment. The extensive menu of European and Russian cuisine will satisfy any patron. Due to its location in the middle of the biggest park in downtown Moscow, Vremena Goda has a summer terrace floating on the pond waters.

    Dress Code: casual

  • m. Oktyabrskaya

  • Titovskij proezd, entrance from Leninsky Prospect


    A place where you can do whatever you want - whether it's getting drunk or having lunch. Don't hope for the best service or some rare sort of Brazilian coffee, but the bill won't frighten you either.

    Dress code: whatever

  • Maly Putinkovsky Per., 1/2

  • m. Pushkinskaya / 650 0121

    Yapona Mama

    A casual Japanese restaurant. Lunch for a young aspiring manager looking to wind down.

    Dress code: anything with a tie

  • Smolensky Blvd., 4

  • m. Smolenskaya / 246 9967

    De Marco Cafe

    Don't be fooled by its Italian name; this cafe serves mainly Russian dishes, including many variations on mushrooms. On two floors and well-staffed.

    Dress code: office-smart

  • Smolenskiy Sennaya, 23/25

  • m. Smolenskaya / 244 7121

    The Most

    The Most is designed in the style of Versailles - high ceiling, red chandeliers and warm bread. Don't forget to try the roast beef.

    Dress code: the latest Bentley

  • Kuznetsky Most, 6/3

  • m. Kuznetsky Most / 660 0706


    An Italian restaurant. Pizza, pasta, meat, fish and wine. Lush interior, and the Italian style is 100 percent sustained.

    Dress code: something Italian

  • Bolshoy Savvinsky Per., 12, bldg. 2

  • m. Kievskaya

    248 4045


    Everything you can imagine that is cheap and Russian is here; however, it's not cheap. Great borsht.

    Dress code: suit and dress

  • Malaya Bronnaya, 8/1

  • m. Tverskaya / 736 9131

    Pod Mukhoy

    A cheap and nice bar-restaurant in the center of Moscow. You'll be surprised with the menu - it offers all the ingredients to make your own dish. Note: "Pod Mukhoy" means "to be very drunk."

    Dress code: Converse and Benetton

  • Strastnoy Blvd., 6, bldg. 2

  • 650 2779

    Vogue Cafe

    Pretty much what you'd expect from a restaurant modeled on the fashion magazine brand: attractive waiters, expensive food and black Mercedes permanently parked outside. But apparently most of the fashion-set have moved on to the GQ bar. Open 8:30 a.m. to 1 a.m. weekdays and noon to 2 a.m. weekends.

    Dress code: you've read the magazine, now live it

  • Kuznetsky Most, 7/9

  • m. Kuznetsky Most / 623 1701

    Porto Maltese

    One of the best fish restaurants. There is even no menu - only a listing of fish and the ways it can be prepared. There is also pasta and wine. Almost all the waiters are Serbian.

    Dress code: something that doesn't prevent you from eating fish

  • Bolshaya Spasskaya, 8

  • m. Sukharevskaya / 680 2118


    A perfect steak place. Ribeye will satisfy any hungry cowboy, while the filet mignon is for more dainty appetites. Salads are American-size portions.

    Dress code: casual to dressy, cow-boy boots optional

  • Tverskaya, 23

  • m. Tverskaya / 937 5679

    Soup Cafe

    What is the most healthy dish? In Russia, it's certainly soup. A stylish cafe on Belorusskaya has all of the variants of this wonderful, hot dish.

    Dress code: casual

  • 1st Brestskaya, 62/25, bldg. 3

  • m. Belorusskaya

    251 1383

    Cafe 4 Angels

    Beige and cozy. Designed especially for angels, evidently.

    Dress code: casual wings and nimbus

  • Pokrovka, 5

  • m. Kitai-Gorod / 364 3339


    An expensive Italian restaurant. The fish and spinach in white wine sauce is supreme.

    Dress code: suit or dress

  • Mosfilmovskaya Ul., 8

  • m. Kievskaya / 143 8887


    A very expensive luxury restaurant designed as if "Stalin were alive today." Big and chic chandeliers, two-story, delicious menu with many different variants of meat dishes to choose from.

    Dress code: Mind all the details. Mind the brand; mind your manicure. Or just wear something black. Mind your Bentley.

  • 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 3

  • m. Mayakovskaya / 775 2456

    Starlite Diner

    The best place for a late hamburger and fries after a night of dancing. Starlite represents the best of diner food, with great seven-dollar shakes.

    American-made, chrome plated, bona-fide diner with retro memorabilia from the 1950s. Huge list of cocktails. No longer just for expats, but highly recommended for Wes-terners with a severe case of homesickness. Tasty breakfasts, too.

    Dress code: casual to suit and tie

  • Bolshaya Sadovaya, 16

  • m. Mayakovskaya

    290 9638

  • Korovy Val, 9

  • m. Oktyabrskaya

    959 8919

  • Prospect Vernadskogo, 6

  • m. Universitet

    783 4037

    Rakhat Lukum

    Rakhat Lukum is a restaurant done in a cozy Asian style. Here you can have a family dinner on Saturday as well as a business lunch in the middle of the week. By the way, during the business-lunch period there are also special offers and a 25 percent discount on the whole menu. Rakhat Lukum also organizes banquets for celebrations.

  • Klimentovsky, 10, bldg. 2

  • m. Tretyakovskaya / 953 9194

  • Myasnitskaya, 17

  • m. Turgenevskaya / 775 3105



    Here you can try the culinary creations by chefs from the Land of the Rising Sun. The rustling of bamboo and the whispering of a waterfall will tune you into the refined taste of Japanese cuisine.

  • Rublevo-Uspenskoe Sh., Gorki-2, 17

  • 781 3607

    Masaharu Morimoto in Moscow

    Masaharu Morimoto, the legendary "iron" chef is coming to visit Moscow. Being the owner of 4 restaurants in New-York, Philadelphia, Delhi and Tokyo, he is considered one of the most outstanding gastronomic masters.

    His gastronomic tour which will last for a week is a well-planned event - even the food for it will arrive to Moscow from the USA and Japan.

    Four assistants will accompany Morimoto in his journey and they will help him while cooking as well.

  • November 10-16

  • Zolotoy Restaurant

    Kutuzovsky, 5/3

    Pasta della mamma

    A restaurant serving a selection of Italian food of the best quality. You can order a dish of original Italian pasta according to your own taste. Cozy atmosphere and tasty red wine will make you feel like a guest in a nice Italian house somewhere not far from Rome.

    Dress code: whatever you feel like to eat pasta

  • Spiridonyevsky Per., 12/9

  • m. Pushkinskaya / 730 5600



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