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Porto Maltese
"Komsomolskaya" subway station.
1a/8 , B. Spasskaya st., Moscow
Phone: +7 495 680-21-18, +7 495 680-24-54

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Porto Maltese
"Belorusskaya" subway station.
21, Pravdy st., Moscow
Tel. +7 495 911-69-59

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Porto Maltese
"Aeroport" subway station
4-th flour, Aeropark Mall, 4, Khodynsky Boulevard, Moscow
Phones: +7 903-281-88-99
+7 499 929-87-24
+7 495 506-21-31

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Porto Maltese
"Slavyansky Boulevard" subway station
4-th flour, Oceania Mall, 57, Koutouzovsky Ave, Moscow
Phone: +7 903 282-16-16, +7 915 183-90-99 (+Viber, +Whats App

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Porto Maltese
"Myakinino" subway station
4-th flour, Vegas Crocus City Mall, 65-66 km. MKAD, Moscow
Phone: +7 495 236-10-15

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"Porto Malteze Roma"

All roads lead to Rome. In the case of Porto Maltese, all roads lead from Rome. In the centre of Porto network, in Rome, the company Porto Maltese Roma is in charge of supply and distribution of fish and shellfish. Orders from all Porto restaurants arrive there. The orders are processed, statistics are kept and weekly, monthly and seasonal plans are made. After several years of doing business, we developed software to monitor and analyse the consumption per each restaurant and thus enable rational dealing with such delicate foodstuffs.
Porto Malteze Roma

"Porto" Roma, Via Cecilio Stazio, tel./fax +39 06 35340093, +39 34 82683852

Serbia and Montenegro

Boka - Belgrade The idea of the restaurant started in Boka Kotorska, the Bride of the Adriatic. To make it cosy and intimate as a taverna. A place where everyone should know one another. The ones that come for the first tame can see that they have been expected, as if they had always been guests there. It should be spacious, so that you don't have to book your visit in advance. You simply drop in and find your table.
Serbia and Montenegro

"Porto" Belgrade, Francuska 52 tel ++381 11 3225 626. Opened in 1997. Capacity: 150 people + 100 (garden)


In the very first capital of Russia, Moscow, "Porto" was opened in 2002.

"Venice" of the North, a city whose founder took Amsterdam as a model, only to turn St. Petersburg into a model for so many others. Slavic Petrograd. Peter. From the year 2003 the chest of priceless treasures of European culture has become richer by obtaining yet another jewel of the senses.

"Porto" St. Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect 174, phone +781 227 17 677 Opened in 2003. Capacity: 110 people

Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect 174
Vaulty halls of ''Porto Maltese'', decorated with flags, fishermen`s nets and models of ships, reminds us of Maltesian knights - hospitaliers, hospitable. Hospitaliers, immeasurably rich, were acquired the habit of luxury and excellent food. There, on Mlata island, where food was based on a sea food and fish, vines have a specila place.
''Portoo Maltese'' kept the old tradition - fish restaurant for a real gourmand. Fres fish and sea food are delivered from Italy. Placed on ice, there we can see perch, dentex and exotic frogfish, cuttlefish, squid. You can choose the way of preparing, and the waiter can help you with some proposals - fried or grilled, on a sea salt, prepared in foil or on a steam. Till you wait for a meal to be ready, you can help oneself from a ''boat'' - real boat decorated as a bar, and try out some of at least fifteen vegetable and fish salads. Also, you can choose some Italian ham and unusual cheese, spagetti, risoto and enything else from a middle - sea kitchen. Every meal will be exceptionally tasty with a domestic bread - one more Maltesian tradition that was kept away.
''Porto Maltese'' is very proud about his vines from many counties from Mediterranean sea. Collection of French vines is one of the best in the city. In a both ways - geographical and culinar, Malta have many in common with Sicily, so there, in a sellar can be find many Italian vines - some vines from different Italian areas and domestic ''Porto Maltese'' vine, Spanish, Portuguese and many others.
Italian cakes and sweets are well known and many of them are approachable here - tiramissou, fruit sweets and speciality of the house.
''Porto Maltese'' lunch is a feast of flavours. You can make it every day, but if you are preparing business meeting - choose ''Porto Maltese''.

"Porto" VIP Moscow, Varvarka street no. 3, in a building ''Gostinij dvor''(former emperor`s tavern), phone +70 95 298 07 55 Opened 2004. Capacity: 100 people

Moscow, Varvarka street no. 3
''Porto Maltese VIP'' restaurant, recently opened in a building of ''Gostini dvor'' (former emperor`s tavern), proceed with famous tradition of well known restaurants, but, he had his own spirit as well.
Main characteristic of ''Porto Maltese VIP'' is a luxury interior. Framed picturies, expensive furniture, white leather armchairs, discreet light - environment full of dignity and respect. In the bar, there is a LCD screen, so you can spend time watching fashion tv or some sports chanel, with a glass of digestive. For a small company, who wnats a quiet and peacefull place to talk, there is a VIP cabinets.
In everything else, ''Porto Maltese VIP'' have a same rules as the other restaurants from this chain. For making meals, there can be used only fresh groceries. Fresh fish and sea food (about 20 species) are delivered from Italy. In a vitrine, on ice, there are cuttlefish and John Dory (Saint Pierre), red mullet and octopus, squid. In aquarium, there are live lobsters. You can choose one and then, you can choose how to be ready for you: - fried or grilled, on a sea salt, prepared in foil or on a steam. If you can`t decide how do you want it, waiter can suggest you something. Anyway, the kitchen door are always open, so you can - if you want - watch a cooking of your meal.
In the manu, there is a group of a-la-carte meals - salads, cold starter, ready meals. Base of our cuisine: Sea salt and olive oil. Bread, which we served with lunch, is baked here, so it is always soft and aromatic.
By the rule - if there is a tastefull fish on the plate, there must be good vine in a glass. Vine list is carefuly selected, with love and professional skil. A major producer is Italy, of course. Here, you can find excellent vines, domestic table vines, served in a special bottle.
The average bill is 50 eur. It means, above the exceptional interior, that you can have lunch for a very good price (we can not forget that a restaurant is placed in a centre of Moscow). The most celebrities are regular guests. Anyway, good food for a good price - why not.


"Porto" Moscow, Baljshae Spaskae Street br.8, phone +70 95 680 24 54, +70 95 680 21 18, fax: +70 95 680 27 88. Opened 2004. Capacity: 250 people (including garden)

The company Porto Maltese is founded in Malta in 1989. It has been handling with fresh and frozen fishes and seafood. Some time later the restaurant with the same name appeared, that started the new era of chain of restaurants all over the world. Here you will be served with Mediterranean food and wines in large dishes with reasonable prices. It is the restaurant for Gourmets, which are used to exclusive fish restaurants, as well as for those which are just starting to get to know the best sides of seafood cuisine. The previous statement is totally true in case of the Porto Maltese restaurant that is in the Boljsaja Spaskaja Street, Moscow. There you can find both Porto Maltese ideas and spirit of the company itself.

First of all, it is the sea style interior. Some of the walls are decorated with sea landscapes; the ceiling is covered with waving cloth; instead of the usual fences and shelves there are fences like those on ships; the floor is partially covered with metal and the walls that are not painted with ships and sea world motives are sewed in or riveted like nacelles. Huge windows that lose rays of light only fulfill this picture. There is also a summer terrace with the view on alpine hill made especially for this purpose. The Porto Maltese kitchen deserves not only to be described, but also to be described in details. All fishes and seafood are distributed straight from Italy. The restaurant in Boljsaja Spaskaja Street is unique and one of a kind in Moscow. It has an open kitchen with built in air conditioning system. Furthermore, there is no classic menu. Fishes and seafood are shown off in sparkling ice in shelves nearby the kitchen. You choose yourself what are you going to eat as well as the way your food is going to be prepared. You may choose between five ways: grilling, poaching, frying in (sea) salt, preparing in paper (with vegetables), and, finally, baking on oven (with potatoes). Interesting thing for genuine connoisseurs of Adriatic cuisine is shark meat that is the addition to the exiting menu: guilthead sea bream, dentex, scorpion fish, sole, frogfish and red mullet. Of course, Porto Maltese has not forgotten various types of jellyfishes. squid, cuttlefish and octopus will appear on your table in shapes of appetizers, salads, or krapaca (sliced as slim tenderloins, in salt, with some vinegar and oil) or fried. And, off course all possible types of crustaceans : oysters, cockles, lobsters and shrimps grilled or prepared by special domestic recipes. All of this sea beauty is fulfilled with various salads, remarkably baked homemade bread and, off course, with excellent white vines (from Spain, Italy, France, Slovenia, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia). Factors that should inspire your desire to visit Porto Maltese restaurant are:

All our waiters had worked in a Porto Maltese restaurant chain for a 10 or 15 years;All Serbian waiters are good looking and exotic, with a charming accent;Business - lunch from 12.00 to 16.00 can be meat or fish;You can watch sport or movies on monitors. Restaurant have his own parking. If you want to expirience a Mediterranean sea food, in a suitable surrounding; you must came to Porto Maltese. In a real, the one and only Porto Maltese.

Ресторан Порто Мальтезе на Б. Спасской

" Porto" Moskva , Pravda street no. 21, Phone +70957398249 Opened in 2005. godine. Capacity: 100 people, VIP, summer garden

In our new »Porto Maltese« restaurant, at Pravda street, they know everything about sea gifts, or, almost everything. International chain of “Porto Maltese” restaurants becomes biger and biger, and it seems that a real expert of seafood are very happy.

The atmosphere in our new restaurant is fresh and gently. Breathing of a sea makes us refreshing and strong, and warm colors of sand, peach and apricot reminds us of vacation. Here is a nice place for everybody's soul. You can sit on soft pillows in a small hall, or you can enjoy in a main hall under the sail. Through all small details you can feel Mediterranean stile: seaside, decorated walls lemon tree, models of boats. Summer garden in all his green colors and flowers brings us memories of seaside. Also, you can always sit in a quiet VIP hall.

One of our main “Porto Maltese” decorations is a fish stand where you can see gilthead sea bream, dentex and John Dory. As it should be, right after the fishing, fresh seafood is send to gourmand's tables. The freshest fish is a good reason for a sea poem. The big John Dory (Saint Pierre) is the fish that St, Peter marked because of sun flash on her body.

The fish that you choose is immediately sent to a kitchen, and very soon you can enjoy in your order whit a full flavor. There is nothing unnecessary on this picture: sea peace of art will be fill in with a olive oil, lemon and sea salt. Delicious squid, cuttlefish and octopus will be prepare in front of your eyes. Sauce, incredible mussels, cockles and clams soup will be your most favorite meal for a long time. Piquant detail: the new “Porto Maltese” restaurant menu have all fragrant dish – codfish and shark, salmon and tuna fish are prepared in a Swedish royal kitchen. Enjoying in a seafood stile had been fill in with a vine card. In a “Porto Maltese” restaurant you can take a rest very easily and delicious. Above of this fresh nature flavor, profesional service and domestic atmosphere are the well known philosophy in Pravda street.


"Porto" Moskva , Octyabrskaya" subway station
Leninsky Prospect, 11, building 1
Phone: 236-45-46, 236-45-12

Porto Moskva Leninsky Prospect
restaurant in Moscow, Schmidtovski Proezd 3

"Porto" restaurant in Moscow, Schmidtovski Proezd 3, is NOT part of official Porto Maltese international franchise any more. Our company is not responsible for food quality of mentioned restaurant

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