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Porto Maltese
"Komsomolskaya" subway station.
1a/8 , B. Spasskaya st., Moscow
Phone: +7 495 680-21-18, +7 495 680-24-54

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Porto Maltese
"Belorusskaya" subway station.
21, Pravdy st., Moscow
Tel. +7 495 911-69-59

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Porto Maltese
"Aeroport" subway station
4-th flour, Aeropark Mall, 4, Khodynsky Boulevard, Moscow
Phones: +7 903-281-88-99
+7 499 929-87-24
+7 495 506-21-31

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Porto Maltese
"Slavyansky Boulevard" subway station
4-th flour, Oceania Mall, 57, Koutouzovsky Ave, Moscow
Phone: +7 903 282-16-16, +7 915 183-90-99 (+Viber, +Whats App

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Porto Maltese
"Myakinino" subway station
4-th flour, Vegas Crocus City Mall, 65-66 km. MKAD, Moscow
Phone: +7 495 236-10-15

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What makes Porto Maltese special

Porto Maltese history dates back to 1989, when the first restaurant was opened in Malta. Since then many things have changed, but the essence of our restaurants stays the same: gourmet seafood and authentic Mediterranean spirit.br>
Fish and seafood

Porto Maltese serves 24 kinds of fresh fish and does not have a traditional seafood menu. The whole spectacular range of fish and other seafood is laid out on a cushion of ice next to the kitchen and can be seen from any part of the dining hall. There are no refrigerators oк freezers – just a bed of crushed ice. You pick what you want to eat and how you want it to be cooked out of 7 different options:

  • steamed
  • grilled
  • a la homemade
  • baked en papillote
  • baked in sea salt crust
  • fried in a pan
  • a la Dule
The original and exclusive work of the chef will surely impress the most experienced eaters and those who admire haute cuisine.

Please note that the number of fish dishes served at Porto Maltese depends on two major factors:

Firstly, fresh fish does not allow long storage; in some cases two days is a maximum. This explains why some dishes that are on the menu at lunchtime may disappear from it by the evening. Secondly, it depends on the catching season, which is why the range of fish served at the restaurant varies each season of the year. Nevertheless, Porto Maltese can offer you 12-15 sorts of fish at any particular time.

The ambiance

The restaurant's interior is best described by the word “marine”. The walls are decorated with marine paintings. The ceiling is covered with sailcloth that looks like it's moving in the wind. Ropes and grad rails are used instead of regular rails and the windows are painted over with marine designs. Porto Maltese is a place to feel the genuine spirit of the Mediterranean with its unique atmosphere and philosophy.

Porto Maltese restaurants are frequented by celebrities, movie and sport stars, well-known politicians and country presidents, which testifies the high quality of cuisine and service offered by Porto Maltese staff. For three years in a row the local Porto Maltese has been the official restaurant of the international economic forum in St Petersburg.

The staff

Every Porto Maltese waiter is a connoisseur of fish, seafood and wine and is fluent both in Russian and in English. Our guests are always informed about new items on the menu and we are always ready to help you to choose the perfect match of wine to the selected dishes. Regular visitors of Porto Maltese enjoy the privilege of "the assigned waiter", who remembers all their food preferences and previous orders.

We can talk all we want, but it is best for you to come to the restaurant and see it for yourself, because all we have said only describes a small part of the real thing.

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